Promoters & Brand Ambassadors


Our promoter and brand ambassador solution is very people centric. We are extremely talented at recruiting, training and managing sales people.

This naturally gives us the ability to Recruit, train and manage sales focused promoter teams for client’s that mainly focus on customer uptake in their promotional activity. Whether it’s event based, in store or the mall we can handle your sales.

Even blindfolded, if you get the creative sorted, we will get the people and technology sorted.

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Need help recruiting promoters?

We have partnerships with government and private sector recruitment initiatives and access to more than 3 million CV’s.

If you needed 200 people at your doorstep tomorrow morning it can be arranged. We are tried and tested.

Need help training promoters?

Got the promoters and/or brand ambassadors and need to train them on the art of persuasion? Let us help you build some skills behind that pretty smile!

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