Outsourcing sales in the correct environments is one of the most powerful strategic decisions a business can ever make. It can transform your company to greater & notable heights.

How do you know sales outsourcing is for your company?

  • Do you have a sales team but need to increase volumes in alternative channels?
  • You have great passion for your product or service but just thinking about managing sales people upsets you stomach?
  • Your company is well established but know you still missing out on a major share of the market?
  • You have a new product to launch and need to get word to spread quickly but are unsure if above the line advertising will give you sales conversion?
  • My sales reps just don’t want to cold call?
  • My Sales team are experienced but frown upon hearing the words cold call or prospecting,
  • We as a company have great sales closers but need doors to be opened so they can focus on what they do best.

Advantages of sales outsourcing:

  • Free up time for your sales account managers to create more opportunity,
  • You and your team gets to gather knowledge and experience,
  • If you have an existing sales team an outsource team can become an alternative sales channel and a complementary specifically when it comes to resource balancing,
  • We only succeed if you do! How’s that for leverage?
  • Outsource our sales? Why, isn’t it expensive?

Not quite, think of it this way – inside sales also known as insourcing is the practice of having internal sales team which comes with a multitude of costs, and most of these costs are hidden.

The cost includes: base salary, on target earnings (OTE), software, hardware, management time, incentives, HR (Recruiting, training and retaining).

Although outsource costs may seem expensive, it will always be obvious.