Leads & Appointments


Door knocking or cold calling for new business or cold leads can waste a lot of your top paid sales peoples valuable time. You are after sales right? Experienced sales people often have the skills to close the deal but require leads.

Nothing is more counterproductive than a skilled leader and a competent sales person attesting something as simple yet as tedious as research and prospecting. If you find yourself making suggestions to your sales team and the sentence starts with, why don’t you cold call or…?

You should spend your time focusing on managing sales or distributing leads to an already competent sales team. We supply qualified leads to you through us:

  • Door knocking and going from company to company to speak to decision makers and set up appointments and collect details,
  • Calling or emailing your media channel leads to qualify them for your service or product,
  • Us sourcing leads on your behalf through our digital marketing partners,
  • Trade show leads. We supply staff to gather leads and do sales (part of outsourced sales) and then call the leads collected to qualify them and/or set up an appointment for your sales team,
  • A combination of all or some of the above (push and pull).


We station a staff member at your premises to set up appointments for your sales team. This allows for the leads, appointments and sales process to be well coordinated and eliminates miscommunication

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