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We are ready and eager to assist your company in the empowerment and transformation of South Africa’s small and medium-sized businesses.

Our team has been working with blue chip companies, such as Vodacom, to develop their suppliers – so why aren’t you?

Let’s grow your suppliers from small to BIG, together.

Digital & Social Media

Providing SMEs with strategies & coaching to achieve full online reach at the lowest possible cost. We only provide services to our clients that will help them achieve their business objectives.

We generate content based on your goals and implement strategies leveraging new technologies.

We devise a strategy and guide you on the implementation of constructive digital and social design concepts.

  • Strategy Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Advertising

Design & Development

Providing SMEs with the tools and techniques
necessary to captivate and engage audiences
while maintaining their unique identity.

A well-designed brand identity will aid in the definition and reinvention of your business.

  • Brand strategy development
  • Corporate identity management

We create user-friendly websites and user interfaces with the intention of streamlining your business processes and achieving your objectives.

  • User experience analysis & design
  • Hosting management & integration
  • CMS & e-commerce web development

We will create more interactive messaging with your target customers and partners in order to share meaningful knowledge while also promoting the online growth of your brand/business.

  • Mini-documentary
  • Corporate culture & profiling film
  • Product/service demonstration & explainer

Business Dev. & Sales Coaching

Through 6 to 8 months of simulation and coaching sessions, entrepreneurs create a sales & business development strategy that will allow the SMME to efficiently convert leads, grow their business & instil a sales culture.

Managing B2B salespeople is a unique science that necessitates the incorporation of customized systems into a blueprint that adheres to fundamentals of managing B2B salespeople. We learn about your needs before delivering professional guidance.

If you need assistance with script development, product training, soft skills (overcoming objections, converting features into advantages, closing techniques), tools and key metrics for handling salespeople, we are the best match.

  • Handholding
  • Cashflow coaching
  • Strategic thinking & business development
  • Mentoring (relevant to industry)
  • Operational tools (GAP Analysis)
  • Access-to-Market (through guidance towards self-sustainability & diversified risk)

What some of the beneficiries had to say...

Could not have asked for anything better than that or anyone better to supply such phenomenal service. It certainly was the best I’ve ever received.

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Director, ETE Marketing

S2B provided us with web development & social media services. I can confidently confirm & recommend their professional services as they have assisted the company in standing out from the rest.

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Director, MSG

The marketing approach received has been a game changer to date as our company is known out there. Our online web referral has been bombarded with requests and queries on the services we offer, we also have amazing social media platforms which help attain more customers.

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Director, MN Psych

I got the most insightful information & learned new ways to help my with development and managing it daily.

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MD, Thasitha Technologies

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