Consulting with us does not mean getting advice without an accountability on our end. In fact, consulting with us is only an option if what you are consulting us on is something we have more practical exposure and experience in.

When does consulting with us make sense?

  • I am a small business or in the planning phase of my business – information is more valuable to me than building a sales team at this point,
  • I have a sales team and would love to improve my personal sales management ability and implement some highly effective sales tools to give my sales a make-over,
  • I’m growing and want to ensure that I’m not spending money on unnecessary sales channel or rather on channel that is more beneficial for long-term sustainability,
  • My sales fluctuate according to my direct involvement operationally. It only works when I run it. How do I keep it up and see it grow from a less operational stance?
  • What are my real costs in running my sales team?

If you are considering co-sourcing, outsourcing or simply need perspective on the true cost of running your sales channel. We are here to work hand in hand with your HR, finance, Operations and sales leaders to gather all information necessary to do a real cost center analysis.

Why consult with us?

  • We see the big picture, 
  • We will tell you if we can’t help you. Consulting in sales management is our passion. Creating the impression that we can help you when your work is not aligned with our expertise will not only waste your time, but damper our culture,
  • As entrepreneurs ourselves we are NOT “consultants” but rather entrepreneurs in sales leadership that are passionate about sharing our knowledge,
  • We have the ability to relate to people from all levels of your organisation
  • We don’t only present our findings. We recommend solutions that you can implement or we will implement through our Co-sourcing and Outsourcing solutions,
  • We work efficiently without scope creep and long dragged out unnecessary consulting hours.